• Are you accepting new patients into your Family Practice?

    Yes, with the addition of new family physicians we are able to accept new patients to join our family practice. We have created an online registration form that is available to you.

  • How can I make an appointment at the clinic?

    Appointments can be requested online, via email, or by phone. Additionally, we do accept walk-in patients during our regular hours of operation. All patients will require an Alberta Health Card and one piece of government issued photo ID for their first visit at the clinic. For subsequent visits, all patients will be required to show their Alberta Health Card.

  • I currently have a Family Physician. Can I change my current doctor and register with your clinic?

    Yes, you can register with us. If you wish to change physicians, we can help you with a patient file transfer from your old clinic to our clinic at no cost to you.

  • How do I arrange to visit one of your specialists?

    Please discuss all medical conditions and concerns with your family physician. Referrals to specialists can be discussed at appointments. If your family physician feels that you need to be examined by a specialist within our clinic, they can contact our office directly.

  • I am new to the province of Alberta, how can I apply to obtain a health card?

    If you are new to the province and require an Alberta Health Card, please contact Alberta Health Services to apply:


  • How can I get supplementary health and dental coverage for myself and my family?

    Patients should consider obtaining health insurance for services that are not covered by Alberta Health Services. There are many insurance companies that offer insurance products that may suit your needs.

  • How can I access medical services when the clinic is not open?

    Our physician staff are not available after-hours. There are a number of options available to patients if they require medical services after-hours. Patients can contact HEALTHLink Alberta to get medical advice over the phone. HEALTHLink Alberta is a 24/7 telephone health advisory service that is answered by a registered nurse. This service is available to anyone in Alberta.

    Contact HEALTHLink Alberta:

    Online: MyHealth.Alberta.ca
    By Phone within Alberta: 811

    Canada Wide Toll Free Phone number: 1-866-408-5465

    By Email: healthlink@albertahealthservices.ca
    Patients can also go to a 24-hr Walk-in clinic or Emergency if needed.

  • Dr. Tristan Pagan – NEW WALK-IN Family Physician

    Mon - 9:00am-5:00pm
    Tues - 9:00am-1:00pm
    Wed - 9:00am-5:00pm
    Thurs - 9:00am-5:00pm
    Fri - 9:00am-5:00pm

    Please note schedule may be subject to change, so please call ahead.
  • Appointments

    FIT-IN appointment
    Same day, first available appointment with one of the UCC physicians.
    Please note these appointments can be limited.

    an appointment is not required but can be subject to availability, so please do call ahead to confirm we are accepting walk-ins that day – as it’s dependent on the physician’s schedule.

    Call our clinic line (403) 514-0500
    Clinic Open limited Saturdays and Sundays . Please call ahead to confirm if we are open.

  • Opening Hours

    Monday – Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    * Saturday
    9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
    Sunday 10:30 AM-4:00PM
    Clinic Open Limited Sundays After Dec. 15/18 – Please always call ahead for Sundays
    Important Notice: Clinic hours are subject to change depending on doctor's availability.